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This is my personal Diary of being here Below all that I am Above.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hi All
In the Age of Freedom we have to be All that we are. We have to express our Love for one another even to our enemies that still are our brothers and sisters. We are all in fact ONE ! So how can you don't like your enemies because they limited world view cause them to see everything as good or evil, enemies or friends. Let's change the world ! But not change the world by changing the outer world, let's first start by changing our inner world. There is a big Universe inside of us that is allways with us and helping us each day become more from GOD that we truly ARE ! Don't loose your entusiasm, fireworkers ! Fight with yourself, fight with the duality cosciousness till our Victory is won and EARTH will be the Kingdom of God that acctually already is, but people don't see it because of theyr low cosciousness. How can anybody think that God created this world, but not put himself in that world ? God is everywhere, we are part of God, we are the Body of God, what is so difficult to grasp ? You don't need to learn in school or church about God even in some point in life can help you, but you just have to rise to the inner knowing that you are a part of God, you are and say "I AM THAT I AM". Inside of us there is a great enemy within: the EGO. The ego must die, we cannot use our ego to manifest Christ Consciousness, we have to surrender All and our All and not have attachments to anything inside this world, but to respect this world as the feminine aspect of Gods Universe. Yes we are in the womb of the Mother God and our Spirit is the Father God. So everything is the totality of the Father/Mather God, everything outpictures the perfection of God. Only the Ego don't see the God within ourself. Let's just go within our hearts and meditate and talk with Jesus with the Ascended Masters and the Presence of God within us and within All Life.


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